Our aviary is large enough for our resident Macaws, Cockatoos, African Grey's and other large parrots to fly around freely in. There are few sights better than a Macaw in full free flight. The large aviary is a communal affair and it is not uncommon to see an Australian Cockatoo idling up to an African Grey. One can sit for hours watching these birds go about their business, eating and squabbling. There are even a few that will approach you and have a chat.
In our small aviaries, we have a selection of parakeets, doves and pigeons that vary in size from budgies to ringnecks and arc angels.
Most of the parrots were brought down from up North but a good number have also been purchased here in the Western Cape and a few of them have been adopted from people that are unable to look after them any more. Not only are these birds stunningly beautiful but some of them are extremely rare. We have been blessed and a few of our birds have already bred. If you're lucky enough you may even be able to see how the chicks are being hand reared.
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